A campaign to promote the use of proper grammar.
Our goal is to further the proper use of grammar, promoting literacy through graphic visualizations. The English language in this day and age has fallen into disrepair. The youth of this generation have corrupted the language into their own, foul lexicon of nonsense and arbitrary letters. This will be a Public Service Announcement for the betterment of our society.

The audience will consist of perpetual abusers of the English language, those who continuously resort to text-speak, and the entirety of the internet. We're setting our sights on Generation Y and 13 - 18 year olds. 
The Logotype
The posters are to be hung in the general area, preferably those with a high concentration of foot traffic. They focus on the misunderstandings that can take place when grammar is used incorrectly, such as when homophones are mixed up, or punctuation is misused. At the bottom of each poster, the campaign's web address is displayed.
The vinyl stickers are to be posted around campuses, specifically those of high schools', with the occasional one on a collegiate campus. Like their shape, they focus on the rules of punctuation. 
An application for the Android to completely replace the default messaging system. It translates and corrects all outgoing messages before they are sent, so as to improve clarity and reputation. It has all of the normal capabilities of the default application. 
A website whose purpose is similar to "Texts from last night," in which users can submit all tweets, facebook wall posts, and text messages that they deem to be beyond comprehension. The site also offers quick tips on some of the basic rules of grammar, such as the difference between you're and your. 
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